At Ashwamedh Foundation we are supporting some of the most marginalized children and youth in India by providing them quality education and skills development programs. We are looking for talented and self-driven individuals to help us deliver against a long-term, sustainable and bold strategy aiming to reach a million children across India. If you want to be part of Ashwamedh Foundation and work towards making a significant difference to people living in poverty, then please look through our vacancies below.

NGO Manager Job Responsibilities
  • Planning strategies and implementation of the organization’s programs and services.
  • Resolving problems, reviewing program evaluations and approving the annual budget and report
  • Serving as a representative of the organization while attending community and charitable meetings.
  • Identifying new Companies for attaining funds and providing administrative guidance to the Volunteers and juniors, assigning and scheduling their work and motivating them to complete the target inside deadlines.
  • Documentation of new policies, decisions and filing of documents to create an organizational memory in the archives.
  • Attending meetings with Donors, Governmental official for implementation of new policies and settings.
  • Having good knowledge regarding rules and regulation of the Government agencies, filing of tax returns as per the monthly, quarterly and yearly end date according to the guidelines.
  • Reviewing financial transactions and reports, forming coalition teams of the Volunteers with local communities for their upliftment and solution of problems.
  • Fundraising for the projects from Donor Agencies.
Minimum Qualification: Master in Social Work

Position: Project Coordinator (1 Vacancy)
Job Responsibilities of Project Coordinator
  • Design and conceptualize curriculum/s for Ashwamedh Foundation target groups
  • To develop and implement a measurement framework for monitoring and evaluation of training programs
  • To develop high quality training programs
  • To ensure training of the trainers on delivering programs in line with Ashwamedh Foundation standards.
  • Coordinate with the lead trainer to run the teacher training program
  • Intimate the Lead trainer of any kind of gaps observed in terms of the delivery of the entire program.
  • To oversee the accreditation and quality of trainers
  • To liaise with school / universities to promote our programs
  • Ensure effective implementation and achievement of various program objectives.
  • Lead various initiatives formulated as a part of program design and implementation.
  • Manage stakeholders, i.e. the donors, school management officials and various teachers.
  • Program Documentation & Assessment / survey Analysis
Reports to: NGO Manager
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